Sevdah, Zagreb, Scena Travno 24.10.2014

While I was preparing for this concert I was very eager to perform and a little bit impatient. I started with my sevdah concerts in Scena Travno about a year ago, in October 2013.

Since then, many things have started to move, we held many concerts (Đakovo, Novi, Sad, Osijek, Zagreb, Bol). I felt honoured when Kulturni centar Travno (Travno Cultural Centre) opened its doors again and organised another concert. The hall was full, about three hundred people gathered… The audience sat on the steps and the additional seats were put. I had the impression that the audience was becoming more and more relaxed after each song. By the end of the concert the audience surrendered completely to the music and the atmosphere. As for me, the concert was way too short. J

I may not forget my beautiful fellow musicians, Ambrozije Puškarić on guitar and Tihomir Hojsak on contrabass, whose playing skills and musicality made this concert special. They make singing easy for me…

033 ')}